DCAA Summer League 2024

Bellow are details of the Derbyshire County Archery Association Summer League 2024:

a) No separate junior league to run alongside the Senior one.  Junior archers are as eligible as adult archers for inclusion in their club’s League team.

b) There will be no separate handicap league running alongside the main league

c) Archers who are members of two clubs can only shoot for one of them – the first one they appear for.  League Secretary is not involved in checking such cases.

d) Long and New Westerns are no longer available to incentivise the higher-level archer, but less confident or powerful archers can elect to shoot shorter Western variants without being eligible for inclusion in the team.

e) Where clubs cannot accommodate carbon arrows, their opposition can elect to hold the fixture at their own ground if that enables archers using carbon arrows to shoot.

f) Specified that a tie between clubs in the league table will be resolved by reference to the team’s aggregate score

g) Teams of 3 in each bow-type must comprise at least the highest-scoring adult archer (either Senior or 50+), plus the next two highest-scoring archers of any age.

h) If a host club cannot accommodate either the projected numbers of visiting archers or the requisite number of bosses, the visiting club will pare its attendance down accordingly.

For more details please contact the Summer League Organiser; Phil Challen: windsorref60@gmail.com

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